Our Team

Teams member Peter Van Praagh President
Teams member Michael Auslin Senior Advisor for Asia
Teams member Katya Barannik Executive Assistant to the President
Teams member Laura Bridge Senior Advisor, Partnerships
Teams member Rosa Brooks HFX Fellow
Teams member Leslie Campbell HFX Fellow
Teams member Dan Dugas Director of Communications
Teams member Dean Fealk Global Chair of Strategy & Innovation
Teams member Madison Galdi Program Manager
Teams member John Glenn HFX Fellow
Teams member Jerrold Green HFX Fellow
Teams member Rachel Kleinfeld HFX Fellow
Teams member François Lafond HFX Fellow
Teams member Emily Law Program Officer, China
Teams member Joaquin Matamis Participant Manager
Teams member Susan Markham Director, PWWF
Teams member C. Dixon Osburn HFX Fellow
Teams member Roland Paris HFX Fellow
Teams member Chris Sabatini HFX Fellow
Teams member Paul Salem HFX Fellow
Teams member Randy Scheunemann Strategic Counselor
Teams member Michael Svetlik Chief Operating Officer
Teams member Brendan Tilds Participant Manager
Teams member Mekayla Tucker Program Officer, PWWF
Teams member Kurt Volker HFX Fellow
Teams member W. Bruce Weinrod HFX Fellow


State Minister of Defense Ino: thank you for strong global leadership from 🇯🇵 @HFXforum looks forward to working more closely with you to connect the world’s democracies.…

Türkiye will not be left to shoulder its terrible burden alone. The democratic world stands together with you in your time of need. 🇹🇷🌍…

Asia's leading democracy 🇯🇵 supporting Europe's bravest democracy 🇺🇦 is an inspiration to the rest of the world. China's visit to Russia pales in comparison.…

An important meeting with @NATOBrazeB. When the democracies work together, there is no challenge that can't be met. HFX is proud to call @NATO its partner in that vital mission.…