The 2022 Halifax International Security Forum is committed to keeping you healthy and safe.

– Masks are encouraged but optional.

– Please make your best effort to social distance.

– Masks are available throughout the hotel.

– Off-site testing is available throughout the weekend.

– Hand sanitizer is available throughout the hotel.


Halifax International Security Forum invites subject experts with significant practical experience to volunteer their time throughout the summer months to discuss and debate ideas to be addressed head-on at Halifax in November. The guidance provided by the Agenda Working Group ensures that Halifax International Security Forum plays its part in shaping the coming year’s global security agenda.

Halifax International Security Forum is proud that the agenda presented to its participants each year is acutely relevant and reflects conversations that are happening in capitals around the world. In the cases where these issues are not yet top-of-mind for decision makers, Halifax International Security Forum is pleased to create those conversations that will gain attention and inspire international action.

Michael Auslin
Hoover Institution, Stanford University

 Alyssa Ayres
George Washington University

Ian Brodie
University of Calgary 

Rosa Brooks
Georgetown University Law Center

Shari Bryan
Aegean Strategies

Leslie Campbell
National Democratic Institute

Dean Fealk
DLA Piper 

John Glenn
National Endowment for Democracy

Jerrold Green
Pacific Council on International Policy

Rachel Kleinfeld
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

François Lafond
French Expert, MDULS, Serbia

Dixon Osburn
Harvard Kennedy School

Roland Paris
University of Ottawa

Luis Rubio

Chris Sabatini
Chatham House

Paul Salem
Middle East Institute

Randy Scheunemann

Janice Stein
The Munk School, University of Toronto

Constanze Stelzenmüller
The Brookings Institution

Peter Van Praagh

Daniel Twining
International Republican Institute

Kurt Volker
BGR Group

Bruce Weinrod
Georgetown University


Download 2022 Agenda Working Group as PDF

Plenary Sessions

  • And So, Where is the Security?
  • Cold Weather, High Prices, Long War:
  • Finding Our Winter Resilience
  • Tomorrow’s Energy Needed Now
  • The Disinformation Nations: Kidnapping Our Citizens,
  • Corrupting Our Officials, Stealing Our Stuff
  • Food Security: May We Have Some More?
  • Mind the Gap: Keeping Our Tech Superiority
  • H2O: Heatwave 2 Overflow
  • The Future of Democracy? Democracy.

Informal Sessions

  • Afghanistan: Always
  • Arctic Allies Align
  • Canada’s Quiet Tech Triumphs
  • Coping with Climate: Africa Enlightens
  • Cyber Specific Strategies:
  • Lessons from Ukraine’s Invisible Heroes
  • Deadly Disease: Deal With It
  • Decoupling: Russia, Yes. China, Next.
  • Deep Sea Nodules, Clean Fusion, Dilithium Crystals:
  • Finding Resources for Winning the Future
  • Expanding Space
  • Female Freedom Fighters: Meeting Morality in Iran
  • Finding Meaning in Europe
  • Here Comes the Son: the Philippines and Other
  • Adventures in Southeast Asian Democracy
  • Israel and its Arab Allies Making a Modern Middle East
  • New NATO: Never Again Treaty Organization
  • The Next Quad: Japan + Aukus (Jaukus)
  • Nuclear War: 60 Years On, Preventing (While
  • Preparing For) the UnimaginableOur Extremists,
  • Our Existential Enemies
  • Russia’s Future: Russia’s Past
  • Securing the Sovereignty of Smaller States
  • Still America
  • Syria: Can You See Me Now?
  • Taming Terrorists in the Sahel
  • Tanks or Tech? The 21st Century Battlefield
  • Tech Diplomacy: Statecraft or Stagecraft
  • Tik Tok, Tick Tock: Treasuring Taiwan’s Time
  • Truss Me, I’m English
  • Turning Sanctions Into Strategy
  • UAV: Ukraine’s Absolute Victory
  • UN: The Best the World Has Done. So Far . . .
  • Wartime Ready: Rearming Our Allied Economies
  • Western Hemisphere, Meet the World
  • Wonder Weapon: Ukraine’s Women
  • Whole, Free and at Peace: Ukraine After the War.

Download 2022 Topical Agenda as PDF

Check out the 2021 Forum Program in English and French.

Ms. Christine Abizaid

National Counterterrorism Center,
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
,United States

Captain Carol Abraham

Director, Strategic Programmes,
New Zealand Defence Force,New Zealand

Mr. Evgeny Afineevsky

Filmaker, Director / Producer for the movie FREEDOM ON FIRE: Ukraine's fight for freedom, United States

Ms. Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay

President and Co-Founder, Stop Child Executions, Canada

Professor Ajay Agrawal

Founder, Creative Destruction Lab, Canada

Ms. Izabela Albrycht

Chair, Kosciuszko Institute, Poland

Dr. Leila Alieva

Affiliate Researcher, Russia and East European Studies, Oxford University, United Kingdom

Lieutenant General Frances Allen

Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Canadian Armed Forces, Canada

Secretary General Luis Almagro

Secretary General, Organization of American States, Uruguay

Mr. Raed al-Saleh

Co-Founder and Director,
Syria Civil

The Honourable Viola Amherd

Head of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, Switzerland

The Honourable Anita Anand

Minister of National Defence,
Department of National Defence,

Rajmund Andrzejczak

Chief of the General Staff,Polish Armed Forces, Poland

Ms. Natalia Arno

President, Free Russia Foundation, United States

Adrienne Arsenault

Foreign Correspondent, CBC News, Canada

Sir Michael Arthur

President, Boeing International, United Kingdom

Dr. Michael Auslin

Payson J. Treat Distinguished Research Fellow in Contemporary Asia, Hoover Institution. Stanford University, United States.

General Lloyd Austin III

Secretary of Defense, United States Department of Defense, United States

Dr. Alyssa Ayres

Dean, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, United States

Mr. James Baker

Director of the Office of Net Assessment, United States Department of Defense, United States

Mr. Yvan Baker MP

Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Canada

Mr. Kevin Baron

Executive Editor, Defense One, United States

Admiral Rob Bauer

Chair of the Military Committee, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Netherlands

Ms. Debbie Baxter

Partner, Defence and Intelligence, Deloitte, Canada

Dr. Maryna Baydyuk

Founder, United Help Ukraine, United States

Mr. Oscar Becerra

Director; Member Global Due Diligence Program Senior Manager, Citi Security & Investigative Services; Colectivo de Análisis de la Seguridad con Democracia, Mexico

Ms. Stefanie Beck

Associate Deputy Minister of National Defense, Canadian Department of National Defense, Canada

Colonel Dr. Cordula Becker-Ebert

Chief of Branch Public Health, Federal Ministry of Defence (FMoD), Bundeswehr Medical Service, Germany

Ms. Victoria Belbin

Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association, Canada

Ms. Patricia Bell

Former Head of the School of Journalism, University of Regina, Canada

Her Excellency Fatou Bensouda

Former Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, Gambia

Deputy Minister Bent-Joacim Bentzen

Deputy Minister of Defence, Ministry of Defence, Norway

Mr. Peter Beyer

Member of Parliament, German Bundestag, Germany

Mr. Kody Blois

Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Canada

The Honorable Lincoln Bloomfield, Jr.

Chairman Emeritus Stimson Center, United States

Hon. Peter Boehm

Senator for Ontario Senate of Canada, Canada

Lieutenant General Elanor Boekholt-O'Sullivan

Deputy Policy Director, Netherlands Armed Forces, Netherlands

Ms. Kahina Bouagache

Lawyer, Human Rights and Women's Rights Activist Manaar Legal Consultancy, Algeria

Colonel Krista Bouckaert

J3 Expeditionary, Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC), Canadian Armed Forces, Canada

Ms. Kate Brannen

Deputy Editor, Foreign Affairs, United States

Colonel Katharine Branson

US Air Force Special Operations Command Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance United States Air Force, United States

Mr. Murray Brewster

Parliamentary Defence and Foreign Policy Reporter, CBC News, Canada

Dr. Darrell Bricker

Global CEO, Ipsos Public Affairs, Canada

Ms. Laura Bridge

Managing Director HFX, United States

Captain Peggy Britton

Deputy Sector Commander, Sector Virginia, United States Coast Guard, United States

Ms. Rosa Brooks

Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and Policy, Georgetown University Law Center, United States

Ms. Shari Bryan

Founder and Partner, Aegean Strategies, United States

Ms. Lauren Buitta

Founder and CEO, Girl Security, United States

Colonel Catherine Busch

Finance officer, Aircraft Maintenance Department, France

General Micael Bydén

Supreme Commander, Swedish Armed Forces, Sweden

Mr. Ahmet Çalik

Chairman, Çalik Holding , Turkey

Colonel Julie Callacott

Canadian Forces Intelligence, Command Assistant Chief of Staff Support, Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada

Mr. Leslie Campbell

Senior Associate and Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa Programs, National Democratic Institute, Canada

Lieutenant-General Jennie Carignan

Chief of Professional Conduct and Culture, Canadian Armed Forces, Canada

Mr. Scott Carpenter

Managing Director, Jigsaw, United States

Ms. Lyra Carr

Consul General, United States Consulate General in Halifax, Nova Scotia, United States

Ms. Joyce Carter

President and CEO Halifax International Airport Authority; Canadian Airports Council, Canada

Mr. Steven Chase

Senior Parliamentary Reporter, The Globe and Mail, Canada

Ms. Alexandra Chyczij

President, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Canada

Ms. Christyn Cianfarani

President and CEO, Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), Canada

Mr. Tom Clark

Chair, Global Public Affairs, Canada

The Honorable David Cohen

Ambassador of the United States to Canada, United States Embassy to Canada, United States

Mrs. Hélène Conway-Mouret

Senator Senate, France

Mr. James Coomarasamy

Senior Presenter, BBC Radio and World Service, United Kingdom

The Honorable Chris Coons

Senator from Delaware, United States Senate, United States

Representative Jason Crow

United States Representative, Colorado’s 6th Congressional District United States House of Representatives, United States

Ambassador Kelley Currie

Senior Advisor, Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy, United States

MEP Arnaud Danjean

Member, Vice-Chair, Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats), European Parliament, France

Air Vice-Marshal Tony Davies

Vice Chief of Defence Force, New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand

Colonel Jennifer de Poorter

Special Projects Officer, NATO Allied Command Transformation, Ministery of Defence, Netherlands

Mr. Andrew Desiderio

Congressional Reporter, POLITICO, United States

Group Captain Louise desJardins

Australian Defence Attache Tel Aviv, Royal Australian Air Force, Australia

MP Lena Diab

Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Canada

Ambassador Paula Dobriansky

Senior Fellow, Future of Diplomacy Project, Harvard Kennedy School, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, United States

Mr. Mark Dubowitz

CEO Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, United States

Captain Cécile Dumont-Dayot

Naval Air Base Commanding Officer, French Navy, France

Ms. Naz Durakoglu

Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Legislative Affairs, US Department of State, United States

Mr. Roy Eakin

Researcher, Institute for the Study of War, United States

Ms. Erika Echeverry

Acquisitions and Finance Advisor, OSD Office of Net Assessment, United States

Captain John Egan

Coast Guard Attache, United States Coast Guard, United States

Mr. Ali Ehsassi

Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Canada

His Excellency Onno Eichelsheim

Chief of Defence, Netherlands Armed Forces, Netherlands

Colonel Rejanne Eimers-van Nes

Member, Royal College of Defense Studies, London-UK, Royal Netherlands Army, Netherlands

Ms. Caroline Elie

Director General, Engagement Department of National Defence, Canada

Mr. Süleyman Savaş Erdem

CEO, OYAK, Turkey

His Excellency Roy Eriksson

Ambassador to Canada Finland, Finland

Dr. Norbert Eschborn

Director, Canada Office, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V., Germany

Dr. Hamed Esmaeilion

Author and Activist, Association of families of flight PS752 justice, Iran

Mr. Garrett Exner

Executive Director, The Public Interest Fellowship, United States

General Wayne Eyre

Chief of the Defence Staff, Canadian Armed Forces, Canada

Admiral Linda Fagan

Commandant, United States Coast Guard, United States

Mr. Eric Fanning

President, Aerospace Industries Association, United States

Dr. Evelyn Farkas

Executive Director, McCain Institute, United States

Mr. Dean Fealk

Managing Partner; Chair, Global Strategy & Innovation, DLA Piper; HFX, United States

Mr. Yevhen Fedchenko

Co-Founder and Chief Editor, StopFake, Ukraine

Ms. Renée Filiatrault

Former Foreign Service Officer, Political Aide Minister of National Defence; CGAI, CDAI, Network for Strategic Analysis on Defence and Security, Task Force Kanadahar, Canada

Ms. Carrie Filipetti

Executive Director, The Vandenberg Coalition, United States

Mr. Andy Fillmore

Member of Parliament for Halifax House of Commons, Canada Canada

Mr. Darren Fisher

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Seniors and Member of Parliament for Dartmouth – Cole Harbour, House of Commons, Canada, Canada

Mr. Robert Fonberg

Distinguished Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Canada

Mr. Spencer Forgo

Director, Corporate Affairs, ATCO, Canada

Mr. Christian Forstner

Executive Director, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Germany

Ambassador Larisa Galadza

Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Embassy of Canada in Ukraine, Canada

Ms.Tricia Geddes

Public Safety’s Associate Deputy Minister, Government of Canada, Canada

The Honorable Kirsten Gillibrand

Senator from New York, United States Senate, United States

Mr. Rob Gillies

Canada Bureau Chief, Associated Press, Canada

Dr. John Glenn

Senior Director at the International Forum for Democratic Studies, National Endowment for Democracy, United States

Mr. Mark Goldberg

Editor-in-Chief, Global Dispatches / UN Dispatch, United States

Mr. Sam Goodwin

Doctoral Candidate / Public Speaker, Johns Hopkins SAIS, United States

Mr. Joe Gould

Staff Reporter, Defense News, United States

Her Excellency Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

4th President, Republic of Croatia (2015-2020), Croatia

Colonel (Ret) Katherine Graef

Colonel, United States Army, United States

Mr. Robbie Gramer

Diplomatic Correspondent, Foreign Policy, United States

Ms. Yasmin Green

Chief Executive Officer, Jigsaw, United States

Dr. Jerrold Green

President and CEO, Pacific Council on International Policy, United States

Mr. Mike Greenley

CEO, MDA, Canada

Ms. Maryscott Greenwood

Chief Executive Officer, Canadian American Business Council; Crestview Strategy, United States

Group Captain Leah Griffin

Commandant Defence School of Logistics and Administration, United Kingdom Royal Air Force, United Kingdom

Mr. Paul Grod

President, Ukrainian World Congress, Canada

Mr. Matt Gurney

Co-Founder, The Line, Canada

Colonel Ivana Gutzelnig

Director, Military Centre of Aviation Medicine, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic

Chris Hadfield

President, Chris Hadfield Inc., Canada

Ms. Roya Hakakian

Writer; Senior Fellow, American Purpose Magazine, United States

Mr. Peter Hammerschmidt

Assistant Deputy Minister for Policy, Department of National Defence, Canada, Canada

The Honorable Jane Harman

Chair of the Board, Freedom House, United States

His Excellency Martin Harvey

High Commissioner to Canada, New Zealand High Commission, New Zealand

Mr. Paul Hayes

Manager for Advanced Manufacturing and Business Services, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Canada

Ms. France Hébert

Vice-President and General Manager, CAE Defence and Security Canada, Canada

Mr. Jay Heisler

Journalist, Policy Analyst, Voice of America, United States

Major General Martin Herem

Commander of the Defence Forces, Estonian Defence Forces, Estonia

Mr. Mark Hetfield

President and CEO, HIAS, United States

Her Excellency Kirsten Hillman

Ambassador of Canada to the United States, Embassy of Canada in the United States, Canada

Ms. Oleksandra Hlizhynska

Executive Director, NGO Institute Republika, Ukraine

Clayton Holt

Director for Gov’t Affairs, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, United States

Ms. Hanna Hopko

Co-Founder, International Center for Ukrainian Victory, Ukraine

Ms. Sarí Houston

Event Director, HFX, United States

Heidi Hulan

Assistant Deputy Minister for International Security (Political Director), Global Affairs Canada, Canada

Dr. Ahmad Hussein

Strategic and Business Advisor, Ucore Rare metals Inc, Canada

Dr. Jaeho Hwang

Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea

Pastor Esther Ibanga

Pastor; Executive Director and Founder Jos Christian Missions Int/ Women without Walls Initiative Nigeria

Dr. Iko Ibanga

Founder and CEO, Pro-Health International, Nigeria

The Honorable Kaha Imnadze

Ambassador of Georgia to Canada, Republic of Georgia, Georgia

Ms.Valerie Insinna

Pentagon Reporter, Breaking Defense, United States

Mr. Dolkun Isa

President, World Uyghur Congress, Germany

Representative Sara Jacobs

California's 53rd Congressional District, United States House of Representatives, United States

Lieutenant Colonel Inga Jancevičienė

Chief of Joint Medical Department of Defence Staff, Lithuanian Armed Forces, Lithuania

The Honorable Bonnie Jenkins

Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, US Department of State, United States

Dr. Joan Johnson-Freese

Senior Fellow, Women in International Security, United States

The Honourable Pål Jonson

Minister of Defence, Ministry of Defence, Sweden

The Honorable Tim Kaine

Senator from Virginia, United States Senate, United States

General Secretary Wu'er Kaixi

General Secretary, Taiwan Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, Taiwan

Professor Matake Kamiya

Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan and Vice President of Japan Forum on International Relations

Ms. Lisa Kaplan

Founder and CEO, Alethea, United States

President Alar Karis

President, Estonia

Mrs. Tawakkol Karman

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Founder Women Journalists Without Chains, Yemen

Ms. Talia Katz

Program Manager, Private Foundation, United States

Mr. Jānis Kažociņš

National Security Adviser to the President of Latvia, Secretary National Security Council, Latvia

Mr. Joshua Keating

Global Security Reporter, Grid News, United States

Mr. Shannon Kellogg

Vice President of Public Policy, Amazon Web Services, United States

Lieutenant General Eric Kenny

Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada

Mr. Roderich Kiesewetter

Member, The Bundestag, Germany

Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld

Senior Fellow, Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United States

Colonel Lina Kongshavn

National Liaison Representative to NATO ACT, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Norway

Mr. Kemal Koprulu

Honorary General Consul; Publisher, Consulate of Monaco in Turkey; Transatlantic Policy Quarterly, Turkey

Ms. Lenna Koszarny

Founding Partner and CEO, Horizon Capital, Ukraine

Ambassador Yullia Kovaliv

Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine

Mr. Dmytro Kozatskyi

Ukrainian Photographer and Soldier, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine

Colonel Dr. Stephanie Krause

Commander, Medical Regiment No 1, German Armed Forces, Germany

Ambassador Batu Kutelia

Board Member, Atlantic Council of Georgia; The McCain Institute for International Leadership, Georgia

Mr. Dennis Kwok

Senior Fellow; Partner Harvard Kennedy School; Elliott Kwok Levine & Jaroslaw LLP., United States

Mr. Anton La Guardia

Diplomatic Editor, The Economist, United Kingdom

Ms. Maria Laine

Vice President & Managing Director, UK, Ireland & Nordic Region, Boeing, United States

Rt Hon David Lammy

Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, Parliament of the United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Mr. Jim Landon

President, ATCO Frontec, Canada

Mr. Nico Lange

Senior Fellow, Zeitenwende-Initiative, Munich Security Conference, Germany

Daniel Lauzon

Director, Public Affairs and Policy (Canada),CAE Canada, Canada

Ms. Kennedy Lee

Research Assistant; Fellow, Hudson Institute; Forum for American Leadership, United States

Colonel Geneviève Lehoux

Commander, RCAF Aerospace Warfare Center, Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada

General Flemming Lentfer

Chief of Defense, Defense Command of Denmark, Denmark

Mr. Greg Levesque

Co-Founder and CEO, Strider, United States

Mr. Eric Levesque

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Strider, United States

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ting-Sheng Li

Deputy CEO, Institute for National Defense and Security Research, Taiwan

Colonel Lene Lillelund

Branch Chief of Concepts and Capabilities (Research and Development) Plans and Capabilities Division, Danish Armed Forces, Denmark

Ms. Chia-Yi Lin

Policy Analyst, Institute for National Defense and Security Research, Taiwan

Mr. Justin Ling

Journalist, Independent, Canada

Mr. Michael Link

Member; European Policy Spokesman, Bundestag; Free Democratic Party, Germany

Ambassador Mark Lippert

Executive Vice President; Senior Advisor (Non-resident), Korea Chair, Samsung Electronics Co; Center for Strategic and International Studies, United States

Captain Lexia Littlejohn

Commander, Sector Buffalo, United States Coast Guard, United States

Vincent Logsdon

Vice President, International Business Development Boeing Defense, Space & Security and Global Services, United States

Mr. Jawed Ludin

Co-founder and President; Former Deputy Foreign Minister, Heart of Asia Society, Afghanistan

Mr. Brian Macdonald

Executive Director, Aman Lara, Canada

Mr. John MacDonell

Partner, Spiteri & Ursulak LLP, Canada

Hon Peter MacKay

Strategic Advisor, Deloitte Canada, Canada

Mr. Aaron MacLean

Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, United States

Joanne Macrae

Andy Fillmore support staff, Andy Fillmore's Office, Canada

Mr. Stew Magnuson

Editor-in-Chief, National Defense Magazine, United States

Mr. Chuck Maillet

Vice-President, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Canada

Shuvaloy Majumdar

Foreign Policy Program Director & Munk Senior Fellow, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Canada

Mr. Lotfi Maktouf

Founder & President, Almadanya, Tunisia

Professor Solange Márquez

Former VP; Professor of Law Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (Comexi); Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico

Ms. Hooria Mashhour

Former Human Rights Minister;Consultant for YTJC . Member of the Technical Advisory Group / ( OSE ), Republic of Yemen; YTJC, Technical Advisory Group, Yemen

Mr. Steve Matier

President and CEO, Maritime Launch Services Ltd., Canada

Mr. Bill Matthews

Deputy Minister of National Defence, Department of National Defence, Canada

Mr. Bryan May

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence, Parliament of Canada, Canada

Mr. Stephan Mayer

Member; Parliamentary State Secretary for the Interior, Building, and Community, Bundestag, Germany

Mr. Bill McCaffrey

President, McCaffrey Enterprises, Canada

Jack McCain

Regional Director, American Airlines, United States

Representative Michael McCaul

Texas’s 10th Congressional District, United States House of Representatives, United States

Ms. Beth McGrath

Managing Director, Government and Public Services, Deloitte US, United States

Major General Michelle McGuinness

Deputy Director for Commonwealth Integration, Defense Intelligence Agency, United States

Dr. Kathleen McInnis

Senior Fellow and Director, Smart Women, Smart Power, CSIS, United States

Mr. Paul McLeary

Defense Reporter, POLITICO, United States

Captain Fiona McNaught

Director, Fleet Logistics Australian Navy, Australia

The Honorable Armend Mehaj

Minister of Defense, Republic of Kosovo, Kosovo

Ms. Masooda Mehdizada

UNHCR's L3 Evaluation Consultant, Cowater International, Afghanistan

Lieutenant Colonel Beatriz Meléndez Lagunilla

Battalion Commander, Army Engineers Academy, Spanish Army, Spain

Mr. Jonathan Meretsky

Managing Director, Merit House, Canada

Lieutenant Colonel Monika Mertinaite

Senior Advisor, Defense Policy Group, Ministry of National Defense, Lithuanian Armed Forces, Lithuania

Dr. Mauricio Meschoulam

Founder and Director; Professor, International Relations; Analyst and Columnist, Mexico Research Center for Peace; Universidad Iberoamericana; El Universal, Mexico

Ms. Ia Meurmishvili

Managing Editor, Voice of America, Georgia, United States

Mr. Ayman Mhanna

Executive Director Samir Kassir Foundation, Lebanon

Ms. Karen Middleton

Chief Political Correspondent, The Saturday Paper, Australia

Mr. Vladimir Milov

Economic Adviser; Expert, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny; Free Russia Foundation, Russia

Mr. Duane Monea

Senator, University of Calgary, Canada

Colonel Victoria Moorhouse

Deputy Assistant Chief of Medical Staff, British Army, United Kingdom

Mr. Mouaz Moustafa

Executive Director, Syrian Emergency Task Force, United States

Mr. Ariel Moutsatsos

Washington D.C. Bureau Chief and Senior Correspondent, Televisa, Mexico

Mr. Jeff Mullen

Director, Enterprise Development, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Canada

Mr. Vago Muradian

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Defense & Aerospace Report, United States

Yuliia Mykytenko

Senior Lieutenant, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine

Ms. Melanie Nadeau

Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE), Canada

Ms. Vina Nadjibulla

Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Ms. Nataliia Nagorna

Journalist,1+1, Ukraine

Ms. Sanam Naraghi Anderlini

Founder & CEO, International Civil Society Action Network, United States

Mr. Hani Nasser

Director, NATO Policy, DND, Canada

Ms. Ruhee Neog

Director, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India

The Right Honourable Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones

Member, House of Lords, United Kingdom

Dr. Joel Ng

Deputy Head, Centre for Multilateralism Studies, Singapore

Minister Anna Novosad

Co-founder of Charity Fund savED, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2019-2020), Ukraine

Mr. Jonathan Nowak

Desk Officer North Atlantic, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Germany

Mr. Connor O'Brien

Senior Defense Correspondent, Covering Congress, POLITICO, United States

Mr. Derron O'Leary

Deputy Director for Regional Policy, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, United States

Ambassador Jacqueline O'Neill

Ambassador for Women, Peace, and Security, Canada

Mr. Tolu Ogunlesi

Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria on Digital and New Media, Government of Nigeria, Nigeria

Dr. Nancy Okail

President and CEO, Center for International Policy, United States

The Honorable Kajsa Ollongren

Minister of Defence, Government of the Netherlands, Netherlands

Mr. Japheth Omojuwa

Founder; Author, Alpha Reach; Digital: The New Code of Wealth, Nigeria

Ambassador Keng Yong Ong

Executive Deputy Chairman, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Mr. C. Dixon Osburn

Author, Mission Possible: The Story of Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, United States

Ms. Yuliia Paievska

Military Veteran and Volunteer Medic, Ukraine

George Palikaras

Founder, President & CEO, META Materials, Inc., Canada

Mr. Dale Palmeter

Principal Secretary, Office of the President of the Treasury Board of Canada, Canada

Prof. Roland Paris

Director, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs University of Ottawa, Canada

Mr. Iain Paterson

Chief Information Security Officer, WELL Health Technologies, Canada

Lt. General Jocelyn Paul

Commander of the Canadian Army, Department of National Defence, Canada

Mr. Mario Pelletier

Commissioner of the Coast Guard, Canada

Colonel Nicole Petrucci

Operations Research Analyst US Space Force, United States

Ambassador J. Peter Pham

Distinguished Fellow, Africa Center; Former U.S. Special Envoy for the Sahel & Great Lakes Regions of Africa, Atlantic Council, United States

Dr. Alejandro Poiré

Dean, School of Social Sciences and Government, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico

His Excellency Petro Poroshenko

The 5th President of Ukraine, Chairman of the European Solidarity Party of Ukraine, Government of Ukraine, Ukraine

Mr. Miro RabVass

CEO, Alpha Regnum Fund, United States

Mr Margus Rava

Ambassador to Canada, Embassy of Estonia, Ottawa, Estonia

Ms. Madeleine Redfern

Chief Operating Officer, CanArctic Inuit Networks Inc., Canada

Mr. Jason Rezaian

Global Opinions Writer, The Washington Post, United States

The Honorable Jim Risch

Senator from Idaho , United States Senate, United States

Mr. John Risley

Chair of the Board, CFFI Ventures Inc, Canada

Mr. Colin Robertson

Senior Advisor and Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute, Canada

Mr. Sean Roche

Director, National Security, Amazon Web Services, United States

Mr. Daniel Rogers

Associate Chief, Communications Security Establishment, Canada

Mr. Even Rogers

CEO, True Anomaly, United States

Ms. Katie Romaine

Government Relations Associate, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, United States

Dr. Gideon Rose

Distinguished Fellow, David Rockefeller Studies Program Council on Foreign Relations, United States

Senator Jacky Rosen

United States Senator for Nevada, United States Senate, United States

Senator Mike Rounds

Senator from South Dakota, United States Senate, United States

Dr. Luis Rubio

Chairman; Former Chairman Mexico-Evalua; Mexican Council on Foreign Relations, Mexico

Mr. Patrick Rucker

Senior Correspondent, The Capitol Forum, United States

Mr. Laurent Ruseckas

Executive Director, Gas Power & Renewables, S&P Global Commodity Insights, United Kingdom

The Honourable Scott Ryan

High Commissioner, Australian High Commission Canada, Australia

Dr. Christopher Sabatini

Senior Fellow for Latin America, Chatham House, United States

Dr. Paul Salem

President, Middle East Institute, United States

Dr. Lobsang Sangay

Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School, Tibet

Amb Andrei Sannikov

Chairman, European Belarus Foundation, Belarus

Mrs. Friba Sabrina Saqeb

Former Member of Parliament, Women, Peace and Security, Afghanistan

His Excellency Marjan Šarec

Minister of Defense, Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia

Mr. Rana Sarkar

Consul General of Canada in San Francisco, United States, Global Affairs Canada, Canada

Ms. Luiza Savage

Executive Editor, Growth, POLITICO, United States

Mr. Maksym Savanevskyi

CEO, PlusOne; co-founder, Media Center Ukraine, Ukraine

Dr. Macario Schettino

Professor, School of Social Sciences and Government, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico

Mr. Randy Scheunemann

Strategic Counselor, HFX; Vice Chairman, International Republican Institute, United States

Mr. Nick Schifrin

Foreign Affairs and Defense Correspondent, PBS NewsHour, United States

Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler

Senior Director, Counter Extremism Project, Germany

Mr. Nick Sealy-Thompson

Director, Disaster and Emergency Management, ATCO Frontec, Canada

Major General Germaine Seewer

Commandant, Armed Forces College; Deputy Chief, Training and Education Command Swiss Armed Forces, Switzerland

Mr.Daouda Sembene

CEO, AfriCatalyst Global Development Advisory, Senegal

The Honorable Jeanne Shaheen

Senator from New Hampshire, United States Senate, United States

Mr. Kaveh Shahrooz

Senior Fellow, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Canada

Director General Andrew Shearer

Director General of the Office of National Intelligence, Office of National Intelligence, Australia

Dr. Hanna Shelest

Head of Security Programmes, Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”; Editor-in-chief, UA: Ukraine Analytica, Ukraine

Commodore Fiona Shepherd

Assistant Chief of Staff J1/J4, Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), United Kingdom

His Excellency Andriy Shevchenko

Co-Founder, Media Center Ukraine, Ukraine

Mr. Newton Shortliffe

Former Deputy Minister for Commerce Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Afghanistan

Ms. Kamila Sidiqi

Former Deputy Minister for Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Afghanistan

Ambassador Vasil Sikharulidze

Chairman, Atlantic Council of Georgia, Georgia

Mr. Thomas Silberhorn

Spokesperson for Transatlantic Relations, CDU/CSU Group in the German Bundestag, Germany

Ms. Jill Sinclair

Canadian Representative, Ukrainian Defence Reform Advisory Board, Strategic Joint Staff, Department of National Defence, Canada

Colonel Anna Siverstig

Commanding Officer, Swedish Air Warfare Center, Swedish Air Force, Sweden

Ambassador Darius Skusevičius

Ambassador of Lithuania to Canada, Embassy of Lithuania to Canada, Lithuania

Mr David Smolansky

Special Envoy for Venezuelan Migration and Refugee Crisis, Organization of American States, Venezuela

Mr. Evan Solomon

Publisher GZERO Media, Senior Management Eurasia Group, Special Correspondent CTV NEWS, GZERO Media/Eurasia Group, Canada

Ms. Nancy Southern

Chair and CEO, ATCO Ltd. and Canadian Utilities Limited, Canada

Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Canada, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ottawa, Germany

Mr. Henning Speck

National Security Advisor, CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group, Germany

Brigadier General Dr. Sylvia-Carolina Sperandio

Director Military Health Services, Austrian Military Health Services, Austria

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna

Deputy Prime Minister, European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, Ukraine

Dr. Janice Stein

Belzberg Professor of Conflict Management and Founding Director, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Constanze Stelzenmüller 

Director and Fritz Stern Chair on Germany and trans-Atlantic Relations; Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution, Germany

Ms. Mercedes Stephenson

Host, The West Block, Global News, Canada

Major General Michel-Henri St-Louis

Canadian defence attaché (Washington), Canadian Armed Forces, Canada

Captain Jenny Ström

Commanding Officer 3rd Naval Warfare Flotilla, Swedish Navy, Sweden

Major General Charles Sullivan

President, Boeing Canada Operations Ltd., Canada

Mr. Sergiy Sydorenko

Editor, co-founder, European Pravda, Ukraine

Mr. Ahmet Taçyildiz

Treasurer of the Board of Directors, HFX, Turkey

Colonel Rebecca Talbot

Chief of Staff, Supply Chain Branch Australian Defence Force, Australia

Mr. Ishaan Tharoor

Columnist, The Washington Post, United States

Ms. Jody Thomas

National Security and Intelligence Advisor to the Prime Minister Government of Canada, Canada

General David Thompson

Vice Chief of Space Operation, United States Space Force, United States

Mr. Gerald Tilk

CEO, Pansophico, United States

Mr. Emre Timurkan

CEO ,Almatis GmbH, Germany, Turkey

Nicolas Todd

Vice President, Government Relations and Communications, Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), Canada

Professor Hideshi Tokuchi

President, Research Institute for Peace and Security (RIPS), Japan

Ms. Nahal Toosi

Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent POLITICO, United States

Vice Admiral Angus Topshee

Commander, Royal Canadian Navy, Canada

Mr. Yaroslav Trofimov

Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Wall Street Journal, United States

Colonel Lara Troy

Commander, Joint Movements Australian Army, Australia

Dr. Ming-Yen Tsai

Deputy Secretary-General, National Security Council, Taiwan

Professor Steve Tsang

Director, China Institute School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, United Kingdom

Ms. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

National Leader of Belarus Head of the United Transitional Cabinet Belarus

Mr. Patrick Tucker

Technology Editor, Defense One, United States

Mr. Nury Turkel

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute; Chair, US Commission on International Religious Freedom, Hudson Institute, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, United States

Director General Douglas Tu-Tien Hsu

Director General, Department of North American Affairs, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, Taiwan

Dr. Daniel Twining

President, International Republican Institute, United States

Mr. Rustem Umerov

Chairman, State Property Fund of Ukraine ,Ukraine

Ms. Bernadette Vanneste

Senior Producer, Global TV, The West Block, Canada

Mr. Peter Van Praagh

President, HFX, United States

Ambassador Julian Ventura

Former Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico

Captain Carolien Verberne

Head of the Policy Control (Departement Directorate of Finance & Control), Royal Netherlands Navy, Netherlands

Mr. Illia Vitiuk

Head of Cyber ​​Security Department, SBUs, Ukraine

Ms. Heidi Vogt

National Security Editor, POLITICO, United States

Amb. Kurt Volker

Distinguished Fellow; Senior International Advisor, CEPA, United States

Mr. Alexander Ward

National Security Reporter, POLITICO, United States

Mr. Tsuneo Watanabe

Senior Fellow, International Peace and Security Department, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan

Mr. Bruce Weinrod

Adjunct Professor, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, United States

Dr. Kenneth Weinstein

Walter P. Stern Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute, United States

Mr. Paul Wells

Independent journalist,, Canada

Colonel Kevin Whale

Director, Strategy & Development, MDA, Canada

Ms. Jessica Wiebe

Artist, Canadian Forces Artist Program, Canadian War Museum, Canada

Captain Erin Williams

Commanding Officer, USCG Activities Far East, U.S. Coast Guard, United States

Colonel Danielle Willis

Vice Director, NORAD Operations, United States Air Force, United States

Mr. Kenneth Wollack

Chairman, National Endowment for Democracy, United States

Mr. Peter Wright

Economic Development Officer, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Canada

Ms. Caroline Xavier

Chief, Communications Security Establishment, Canada

Lieutenant General (Retired) Noboru Yamaguchi

Lieutenant General (retired), JGSDF, Professor, International University of Japan, Japan

Ambassador Kostiantyn Yelisieiev

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine, Diplomatic Advisor to the Fifth President of Ukraine, Ukraine

Ms. Anna Zaitseva

In the film/knows the film, Freedom on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom, Ukraine

The Honorable Dov Zakheim

Senior Adviser; Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies; CNA Corporation, United States

Dr. Lassina Zerbo

Chairman of the Executive Advisory Board for Africa, NANO Nuclear, Burkina Faso

Ms. Dalia Ziada

Director, Liberal Democracy Institute, Center for Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Studies, Egypt

Halifax International Security Forum’s plenaries and news conferences are on the record to enable the world’s media to report on the work being done in Halifax.

Our Night Owl sessions on Friday, the Saturday night dinners, and Sunday morning breakfasts are designed to foster detailed discussions and exchanges. They are carried out under the Chatham House Rule.

Your participation in these events signals acceptance of the rule designed to increase frank and open discussion on issues and challenges that promote greater strategic cooperation among democracies.

The Chatham House Rule states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers, nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

The rule has been in place and accepted internationally since 1927 as a system for holding debates and discussions on controversial topics. It is named after the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, based at Chatham House, London.


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