“Politics End In Halifax As Democratic and GOP Senators Seek Common Ground on National Security”
November 22, 2014

“Politics End In Halifax As Democratic and GOP Senators Seek Common Ground on National Security”

by Tim Mak

It’s amazing what some fresh Nova Scotia air can do.

Sens. John McCain and Tim Kaine led a congressional delegation to the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada this weekend, and something spectacular happened. The two senators engaged in a far more amicable conversation than would have ever been seen in the Sunday news shows, from grilling of witnesses in committees, or with reporters chasing them down the corridors of Congress.

Why, at this conference, some 800 miles outside of Washington, D.C. the Republican and Democrat even allowed themselves to express some optimism.

“I’m very optimistic about the future of the United States of America. We’re going to be energy independent, manufacturing jobs are coming home, we are seeing a steady improvement in our economy,” McCain said, even as he expressed concern about the place of America on the world stage.

Kaine picked up the former sentiment, arguing against the notion that America is on decline.

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