September 30, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC—Halifax International Security Forum (HFX), the world’s leading gathering for leaders committed to strengthening security cooperation among democracies, today released the topical agenda for its annual conference.

Please see the agenda here.

HFX President, Peter Van Praagh, also announced that the Forum will continue as scheduled November 20-22.  This year’s event will be a virtual/in-person hybrid meeting that is broadcast live around the world.

“HFX’s principled convening stands out because it clearly asserts that democracies—as flawed as they are—are better than any alternative,” Van Praagh said.  “After everything the world has been through this year, HFX2020 will be a must-attend event for democratic decision-makers.”

“This year’s agenda will address the challenges that the democracies face after the pandemic, including ensuring racial justice at home, addressing the coming economic downturn and meeting China’s ambitions around the world,” said Van Praagh.

This year’s Forum will be particularly timely because it will be held shortly after the US presidential election.

HFX will also present the findings of its year-long comprehensive study into the growing threat that China poses to the world’s democracies.

Now in its 12th year, HFX brings together key democratic decision-makers, military leaders and thinkers who influence the world’s thinking on global security issues. Their discussions are not only topical, but often foreshadow what the world will be dealing with in the months ahead.

While public health restrictions will limit the conference’s physical presence in Halifax, HFX promises that its reputation for candid, informal conversations will be carried over into the hybrid model for 2020. Details on the meeting sites and online participation for HFX2020 will be announced in the coming days.



Plenary Sessions

  • Democracy vs. Ourselves: Divided We Fall
  • Democracy vs. China: The Greatest Game
  • Economic Depression: Democracies’ Recession
  • Clubs Med: The Scramble For Middle Earth
  • Space: Contested
  • Go Canada! Middle Powers Show The Way
  • 75 Years On: Re-Making The Democratic World Order
  • After 2020: The World With America

Informal Sessions

  • Africa Matters
  • Afghanistan’s Final Piece
  • Climate: Changed
  • From Moscow to Minsk: Putin’s Poison
  • Himalayan Heat: Sino-Indian Friction
  • Israel’s New Friends
  • London Outs, Brussels Pouts
  • Maduro’s Venezuela: A Rogues’ Gallery
  • Post-Pandemic Precipice
  • Racial Justice: When?
  • Steal IP: Get Rich Quick
  • Tide Power: Bay Of Fundy’s Electric Waves
  • TikTok, Tick Tock: Globalization Times Out
  • Worthless Advice: The End Of Experts


For media inquiries or to register for accreditation for HFX2020 please contact:

Robin MacLachlan, Communications Manager

Halifax International Security Forum

+1 (613) 294-6128


Please direct other inquiries to info@halifaxtheforum.org