2019 Topical Agenda
October 24, 2019

Plenary Sessions (On-the-Record)
Revolutions of Our Time: Freedom Without US
Values Trade: Our Way or the Huawei
The World’s Democracies: The Importance of Being Allies
Institution Evolution: International Law and Global Order
End of the Earth: The Arctic
2020s Vision: Responsibility to Pro-Tech
Security Solutions, Women’s Contributions
Revolutions and their Remains

Informal Sessions (Off-the-Record)
Afghanistan and Iraq: America’s Long Goodbye
Arab Spring Review: Renew
Brexit Forever
Brutal Borders
Child Soldiers: Stop the Tragedy
The Chinese Century is Coming: That’s What Xi Said
Climate: Change
Climate of Conciliation: Reaching the Skeptics
Democracy in a Digital World
Global Energy, Renewable Threats
Hong Kong’s Summer, China’s Fall
India à la Modi
Iran Provokes, the World Chokes
Israel’s Friends, and Neighbors
Make Elections Safe Again
NATO@70: The Trials and Tribulations of Being America’s Ally
Our Allies: Our China Challenge
Out of Control: Nukes Without Treaties
Russia and China in Africa: The New Scramble
Space: The Final Command
Sudan’s Success: Transition in Progress
Tokyo – Seoul: Past Problems, Future Friends
Trading With Trump: Art of the Deal
Turkey: It’s Istanbul, Not Constantinople
Ukraine: All Hands On
Venezuela: Revolution Betrayed
White Supremacists and the Changing Face of Terror
Who’s Your Data?


The people of Taiwan 🇹🇼 have personally collected $38.4 million to give to Türkiye 🇹🇷 This money will purchase: - mobile food, shower, and laundry services - mobile hospital wards and wheelchairs and - mobile classrooms and clinics. democracies helping democracies = ❤️

State Minister of Defense Ino: thank you for strong global leadership from 🇯🇵 @HFXforum looks forward to working more closely with you to connect the world’s democracies.…

Türkiye will not be left to shoulder its terrible burden alone. The democratic world stands together with you in your time of need. 🇹🇷🌍…

Asia's leading democracy 🇯🇵 supporting Europe's bravest democracy 🇺🇦 is an inspiration to the rest of the world. China's visit to Russia pales in comparison.…