2019 Topical Agenda - Halifax
2019 Topical Agenda
October 24, 2019

Plenary Sessions (On-the-Record)
Revolutions of Our Time: Freedom Without US
Values Trade: Our Way or the Huawei
The World’s Democracies: The Importance of Being Allies
Institution Evolution: International Law and Global Order
End of the Earth: The Arctic
2020s Vision: Responsibility to Pro-Tech
Security Solutions, Women’s Contributions
Revolutions and their Remains

Informal Sessions (Off-the-Record)
Afghanistan and Iraq: America’s Long Goodbye
Arab Spring Review: Renew
Brexit Forever
Brutal Borders
Child Soldiers: Stop the Tragedy
The Chinese Century is Coming: That’s What Xi Said
Climate: Change
Climate of Conciliation: Reaching the Skeptics
Democracy in a Digital World
Global Energy, Renewable Threats
Hong Kong’s Summer, China’s Fall
India à la Modi
Iran Provokes, the World Chokes
Israel’s Friends, and Neighbors
Make Elections Safe Again
NATO@70: The Trials and Tribulations of Being America’s Ally
Our Allies: Our China Challenge
Out of Control: Nukes Without Treaties
Russia and China in Africa: The New Scramble
Space: The Final Command
Sudan’s Success: Transition in Progress
Tokyo – Seoul: Past Problems, Future Friends
Trading With Trump: Art of the Deal
Turkey: It’s Istanbul, Not Constantinople
Ukraine: All Hands On
Venezuela: Revolution Betrayed
White Supremacists and the Changing Face of Terror
Who’s Your Data?