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2015 Participants


Mohammed Abulahoum                 
Justice and Building Party, Yemen

Rinat Akhmetshin
International Eurasian Institute 

John Allen
Co-Director, Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence
Brookings Institution

Gilberto Hernández Andreu                 
Official Chief of the Secretariat of National Defense                 
Secretary of National Defense, Mexico

Niels Annen                 
Spokesman on Foreign Affairs
SPD Parliamentary Group, Bundestag, Germany

Luca Bader
Chief of Office to the Minister of Foreign Affairs                 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy

Joseph Bahout                 
Visiting Scholar                 
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 

James Baker                 
Director of the Office of Net Assessment                 
United States Office of the Secretary of Defense

Falah Mustafa Bakir
Minister, Head of the Foreign Relations Department
Kurdistan Regional Government 

Christophe Balducchi
Defence Attaché
Embassy of France, Ottawa

Rafael Barak                 
Ambassador of Israel to Canada                 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel 

Pavlo Barbul

Rania Barrak                 
Assistant Professor in Military Higher Education                 
Military Staff College and Institute of Internal Security Forces, Tunisia

John Barrasso                 
United States

Paul Baxter                 
Senior Vice President, Operations and Chief Operating Officer                 
Halifax International Airport Authority 

Josef Bec̆vá̆r                 
Chief of the General Staff                 
Armed Forces of the Czech Republic

David Bercuson                 
Director, Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
University of Calgary

Danae Bezantakou                 
Managing Director                 
Navigator Shipping Consultants LTD

Giorgi Bokeria
International Secretary
United National Movement 

Max Boot                 
Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies                 
Council on Foreign Relations

Kahina Bouagache
Lawyer, Human Rights and Women’s Rights Activist                 
Manaar Legal Consultancy

Stephen Bowes                 
Commander of the Canadian Joint Operations Command                 
Canadian Armed Forces

Ralf Brauksiepe
Parliamentary State Secretary                 
Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany

Darrell Bricker                 
Chief Executive Officer                 
Ipsos Public Affairs

Laura Bridge
Director, External Relations
Halifax International Security Forum

Scott Brison
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Christian Brose
Majority Staff Director                 
United States Senate Armed Services Committee

Kerry Buck                 
Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council
Joint Delegation of Canada to NATO

Ahmet Çalik
President, Founder, and Chairman
Çalik Holding

Leslie Campbell
Senior Associate and Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa Programs
National Democratic Institute 

Cengiz Çandar
Radikal and Al-Monitor

Scott Carpenter
Director of Free Expression                 
Google Ideas

Antonio Carpio                 
Supreme Court of the Philippines

Blaise Cathcart                 
Judge Advocate General                 
Canadian Armed Forces 

Steven Chase
Parliamentary Reporter
The Globe & Mail

Rebecca Chavez                 
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs
United States Department of Defense

Tom Clark                 
Chief Political Correspondent                 
Global News

Steve Clemons                 
Washington Editor-at-Large, The Atlantic                 
Editor-in-Chief, AtlanticLIVE & QuartzLIVE 

Eliot Cohen                 
Robert E. Osgood Professor of Strategic Studies                 
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Ryan Colvert                 
Senior Military Advisor, Senator Kaine
United States Senate                

Heather Conley                 
Senior Vice President, Europe, Eurasia and the Arctic, and Director, Europe Programs
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Gian Lorenzo Cornado
Ambassador of Italy to Canada                 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italian Republic

Robert Davidson
Canadian Military Representative to NATO
Joint Delegation of Canada to NATO

Glenn Davidson                 
Former Ambassador of Canada to Afghanistan and Syria                 
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada

Sławomir Dębski                 
The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding 

Haki Demolli                 
Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force

Paul Dewar                 
Former Member of Parliament, Ottawa Centre, Ontario                 
House of Commons, Canada

Bob Dickie
The Dickie Group

Joseph DiSalvo                 
Military Deputy Commander                 
United States Southern Command

Paula Dobriansky                 
Senior Fellow, The Future of Diplomacy Project                 
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

Colin Dodds                 
President Emeritus                 
Saint Mary’s University 

Peter Donolo
Special Advisor on Communications and Intergovernmental Affairs                 
Government of Ontario

Lyse Doucet
Chief International Correspondent
BBC World Service

Mehmet Ertuğrul Gürler                 
Deputy Chairman
Çalik Holding

Richard Fadden                 
National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister                 
Privy Council Office

Amr Farid                 
Chairman’s Assistant for Foreign Affairs, and Chief of the International Relations Committee
Al-Wasat Party

Dean Fealk                 
Partner and Group Chair                 
DLA Piper

Michael Fernandez                 
Summit Pioneer

Andy Fillmore                 
Member of Parliament                 
House of Commons, Canada

Robert Fonberg                 
AiREM Strategy Inc

Richard Fontaine                 
Center for a New American Security

John Forster                 
Deputy Minister of National Defence                 
Department of National Defence, Canada 

Colin Freeze
The Globe & Mail

Sophie Galarneau
Director General of Public Affairs and Strategic Planning, Office of the Assistant Deputy Minister for Public Affairs
Department of National Defence, Canada

Brian Gallant
New Brunswick

Jai Galliott                 
Research Fellow, Indo-Pacific Defense                 
University of New South Wales

Armando Garcia Rodriguez                 
Chief Clerk                 
Secretariat of the Navy, Mexico

Ulf Gartzke
Managing Partner and Founder
Spitzberg Partners LLC

Jennifer Gearey
Former Director of Communications
Department of National Defence and Department of Justice, Canada

Steven Giegerich
Consul General
United States Consulate General, Halifax

Rob Gillies                 
Canada Bureau Chief                 
Associated Press

Stephen Gilmore                 
Head Australian Defence Staff, Washington                 
Australian Defence Attache, Embassy of Australia 

John Glenn                 
Policy Director                 
US Global Leadership Coalition

Diba Nigar Göksel                  
Senior Analyst, Turkey and the South Caucasus                 
International Crisis Group

Bill Gortney                 
North American Aerospace and Defense Command and United States Northern Command

Camille Grand
Foundation for Strategic Research

Jerrold Green                 
President and Chief Executive Officer                 
Pacific Council on International Policy

Mike Greenley
Vice President & General Manager                 
CAE Inc.

Paul Grod
President, Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Vice President, Ukrainian World Congress

Mark Gwozdecky
Assistant Deputy Minister, International Security and Political Affairs
Global Affairs Canada

Yalda Hakim
Presenter, Impact                 
Correspondent, BBC World News

Joseph Hall
Vice President
Halifax International Security Forum

Husain Haqqani                 
Director, South and Central Asia                 
Hudson Institute

Fabienne Hara
Adjunct Professor, Sciences Po Paris
Special Adviser, Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa

Jane Harman                 
Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer                 
Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars

Harry Harris                 
United States Pacific Command

Michael Harris

Allison Hart                 
Special Advisor, Public Diplomacy                 
North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Frank Harvey
Eric Dennis Chair of Government and Politics, Department of Political Science
Dalhousie University

Kent Hehr
Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence
Veterans Affairs Canada

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert                 
Minister of Defense                 
Ministry of Defense, Kingdom of the Netherlands 

Mark Hetfield                 
President and Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Heyman                 
Ambassador of the United States to Canada                
Embassy of the United States, Ottawa

Theresa Hitchens                 
Senior Research Scholar, Center for International and Security Studies                 
University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Peter Hogan
Vice President, Nova Scotia                 
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Ellen Hols
Chief of Staff                 
Office of the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister

Matthew Mark Horn                 
MMH Global Strategies, LLC

Bob Howse                 
The Chronicle Herald

John Hudson                 
Senior Reporter, National Security & Diplomacy                 
Foreign Policy

Heather Hurlburt                 
Director, New Models of Policy Advocacy Project                 
New America Foundation

Nanna Hvidt                 
Danish Institute for International Studies

Toshiro Iijima                 
Ambassador in charge of Policy Planning and International Security Policy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Yoko Iwama                 
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Annie Jacobsen                 
Investigative Journalist and Author                 

Jackson Janes                 
American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

Cesar Jaramillo                 
Executive Director                 
Project Ploughshares

Said Jawad
Senior Political and Foreign Policy Advisor
Office of the Chief Executive of Afghanistan

Matthew Johnson
Corporate Strategist, Aerospace and Defence                 
Nova Scotia Department of Business

Zoran Jolevski
Minister of Defence
Ministry of Defence, Republic of Macedonia

Bill Jones
Senior Associate Deputy Minister                 
Department of National Defence, Canada

Christian Juneau
Deputy Commander                 
Canadian Army

Tim Kaine
United States

Matake Kamiya
Professor of International Relations                 
National Defense Academy of Japan

John Kavanagh
Economic Development Manager
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Garry Kasparov                 
United Civil Front 

Colin Kenny                 
Senator, Province of Ontario
Senate of Canada

Tinatin Khidasheli                 
Minister of Defense                 
Ministry of Defense, Georgia

James Kirchick                 
Foreign Policy Initiative

Suat Kınıklıoğlu                 
Executive Director                 
Center for Strategic Communication

Kathleen Koch
Author, Journalist, and Founder                 

Mimi Kodheli                 
Minister of Defense
Ministry of Defense, Republic of Albania

Akira Kono
Director General for International Affairs, Bureau of Defense Policy
Ministry of Defense, Japan

David Kramer
Senior Director for Human Rights and Democracy
The McCain Institute for International Leadership

John Kreul
Principal Director, Western Hemisphere Affairs
United States Department of Defense

Stephen Kukucha
Wazuku Advisory Group

François Lafond
Executive Director

Philippe Lafortune
Chief of Staff, Minister of National Defense
Department of National Defense, Canada

Ellen Laipson
Distinguished Fellow and President Emeritus                 
Stimson Center

Isabelle Lasserre                 
Associate Editor                 
Le Figaro

John Lee                 
Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Adjunct Professor, Australian National University

Justin Ling
Canadian Politics Reporter

Tzipi Livni                 
Co-Leader, Zionist Union Party
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, State of Israel

Nicolás Lloreda-Ricaurte
Ambassador of Colombia to Canada
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Colombia

Gal Luft                 
Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

Brian Macdonald                 
Member of the Legislative Assembly                 
New Brunswick Legislature

John MacDonell
Barrister & Solicitor
Stewart McKelvey

Peter MacKay                 
Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General                 
Department of Justice, Canada 

Tim Mak
Senior Congressional Correspondent
The Daily Beast

Maryna Mavlonova
Senior Policy Advisor
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 8th Convocation

Art Mc Anarney
Board Member
Compañía Inversora Corporativa

Bill McCaffrey
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director                 
MEG Energy Corporation

Cindy McCain                 
Co-Chair of the Arizona Task Force on Human Trafficking
The McCain Institute for International Leadership

Kevin McCoy                 
Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

Cameron McKenzie                 
Vice President, Business Development and Sales                 
Canadian Commercial Corporation

Audrey McLaughlin                 
Former Member of Parliament and former Leader of the New Democratic Party

Stephen McNeil                 
Nova Scotia

Al Meinzinger                 
Deputy Commander                 
Royal Canadian Air Force

Gerson Menandro Garcia De Freitas                 
Chief of Strategic Affairs of the Joint Staff                 
Ministry of Defense, Federative Republic of Brazil

Murat Mercan
Chair, 2016 World Energy Congress Organizing Committee
World Energy Council

Mauricio Meschoulam
Professor, Researcher, and International Analyst                 
Universidad Iberoamericana

Jeanne Meserve
Senior Fellow, Homeland Security Policy Institute
George Washington University

Ayman Mhanna
Executive Director                 
Samir Kassir Foundation

Fred Midgette
Special Flag Assistant to the Vice Commandant                 
United States Coast Guard

Don Moe
Senior Vice President, Supply and Marketing
MEG Energy Corporation

Susmita Mohanty
Founder and Chief Executive Officer                 

Saad Mohseni                 
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer                 
Moby Group

Bessma Momani                 
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science                 
University of Waterloo

Duane Monea                 
Vice President, Public Relations                 
MEG Energy Corporation

Mouaz Moustafa
Executive Director                 
Syrian Emergency Task Force

Yusuf Müftüoğlu
Senior Advisor, Macro Advisory Partners
Chief Executive Officer, Turkcell 

Jeff Mullen                 
Director of Enterprise Development                 
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Yousef Munayyer
Executive Director                 
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Alaa Murabit                 
Founder and President
The Voice of Libyan Women

Christopher Murphy                 
United States

Boniface Mwangi

Walter Natynczyk
Deputy Minister of Veteran Affairs                 
Veterans Affairs Canada

Pauline Neville-Jones
Chairman, Cyber Security Advisory Panel                 
Bank of England

John Newton
Commander, Maritime Forces Atlantic and Joint Task Force Atlantic                 
Royal Canadian Navy

Masashi Nishihara                 
Research Institute for Peace and Security

Mark Norman                 
Royal Canadian Navy

Natalie Nougayrède
Editorial Board Member and Columnist                 
The Guardian

Jacqueline O’Neill
The Institute for Inclusive Security

Tolu Ogunlesi                 
West Africa Editor                 
The Africa Report

Juozas Olekas                 
Minister of National Defense
Ministry of National Defense, Lithuania

John Ommanney                 
Chief of Staff to the Deputy Minister                 
Department of National Defence, Canada

Japheth Omojuwa                 

Dixon Osburn                 
Executive Director                 
Center for Justice and Accountability

Paul Owens                 
Manager, Special Initiatives                 
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Ersin Özkan
Military Attaché, Embassy of Turkey to Canada
Ministry of Defense, Republic of Turkey

Cheolkyun Park
Deputy Director for International Policy Bureau
Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea

Petr Pavel
Chairman of the Military Committee
North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic                 
Minister of Defense                 
Ministry of Defense, Montenegro

David Perkins                 
Commanding General
United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

Smadar Perry                 
Middle East Senior Editor
Yediot Ahronot

Ilya Ponomarev
Deputy, Novosibirsk                 
State Duma, Russian Federation

Nicole Porreca                 
Senior Foreign Policy Advisor
Senator Tim Kaine

Vadym Prystaiko
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief of Staff of the Ministry
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Stephen Puddicombe
Journalist, CBC
Adjunct Professor, University of King’s

Ahmed Rashid
Author, Journalist

Jean-François Ratelle
Assistant Professor                 
University of Ottawa

Celina Realuyo                 
Professor of Practice of National Security Affairs, William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies                 
National Defense University

Sheila Riordon
Minister of Political Affairs                 
Embassy of Canada, Washington

Colin Robertson
Vice President                 
Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Nicolas Roche                 
Director for Strategy and Policy, Military Applications Division
French Atomic Energy Commission

Antonio Rodiles
State of SATS

Heather Roff                 
Research Scientist, Global Security Initiative                 
Arizona State University

Michael Rogers
Commander, United States Cyber Command
Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service 

Joshua Rogin
Bloomberg View

Gideon Rose                 
Foreign Affairs

Todd Rosenblum                 
Senior Executive for Worldwide Business Development

Mirosław Różański
Commander General of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland                 
Polish Armed Forces

Luis Rubio                 
Center of Research for Development

Daniel Runde                 
Director, Project on Prosperity and Development                 
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Laurent Ruseckas
Senior Advisor, Eurasian Gas
IHS Energy

Christopher Sabatini                 
Founder and Editor, Global Americans
Adjunct Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Harjit Singh Sajjan
Minister of National Defence
Department of National Defence, Canada

Paul Salem                 
Vice President for Policy and Research
Middle East Institute

Richard Sanders
Deputy Chief of Mission
Embassy of the United States, Ottawa

Lobsang Sangay
Central Tibetan Administration

Andrei Sannikov                 
European Belarus Foundation

Friba Sabrina Saqeb                 
Co-Founder, Technical Advisor                 
Research Institute for Women, Peace and Security

Mike Savage
City of Halifax

Nadia Schadlow
Senior Program Officer
Smith Richardson Foundation

Randy Scheunemann
Orion Strategies

Guillaume Schlumberger
Assistant Secretary for Defense Strategy, Counter-Proliferation & Strategic Foresight
Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy

Peter Semneby                 
Former Ambassador of Sweden to Afghanistan                 
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Richard Sendall
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Government Relations
MEG Energy Corporation

Vance Serchuk
KKR Global Institute

Robin Shepherd
The Commentator

Charles Shin                 
Strategic Planner                 
Department of Defense

Kevin Short
Vice Chief of Defence Force
New Zealand Defence Force

Vasil Sikharulidze                 
Atlantic Council of Georgia

Peter Siklosi
Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy and Planning                 
Ministry of Defence, Hungary

Alfonso Silva Navarro                 
Ambassador of Chile to Canada                 
Embassy of Chile, Ottawa

Donald Sinclair
Former Director General, International Security Bureau
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

Jill Sinclair
Executive Director, External Engagement and Partnerships, Canadian Defence Academy
Department of National Defence, Canada

Lina Sinjab                 
Middle East Correspondent
BBC News

Elissa Slotkin                 
Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
United States Department of Defense

Nancy Southern                 
Chair, President, & Chief Executive Officer, ATCO Ltd.
Chair & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Utilities Limited 

Matt Spence                 
Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University
Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners

Pierre St-Amand                 
Deputy Commander                 
North American Aerospace Defense Command

Janice Gross Stein
Belzberg Professor of Conflict Management and Founding Director, Munk School of Global Affairs
University of Toronto

Gerald Steinberg                 
Professor of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University
President and Founder, NGO Monitor

Constanze Stelzenmüller
Robert Bosch Senior Fellow                 
Brookings Institution

Karen Stewart                 
Political Advisor                 
North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Edison Stewart                 
Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Affairs
Department of National Defence, Canada

Michael Svetlik                 
Vice President, Programs                 
International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Andrew Tabler                 
Martin J. Gross Fellow
Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Ahmet Taçyildiz                 
Gap Insaat

Yasmin Tadjdeh                 
Staff Writer                 
National Defense Magazine

Jonathan Tepperman                 
Managing Editor                 
Foreign Affairs

Sue Mi Terry                 
Managing Director

Ishaan Tharoor
Foreign Affairs Writer
Washington Post

Eka Tkeshelashvili                 
Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies

Hideshi Tokuchi                 
Former Vice Minister of Defense                 
Ministry of Defense, Japan

Russell Trood                 
Professor of International Relations and Director of the Griffith Asia Institute
Griffith University

Simon Tucker
High Commissioner of New Zealand to Canada                 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand

Carl Turenne
Commander, 5th Canadian Division
Canadian Army

Daniel Twining
Senior Fellow for Asia
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Hiroaki Uchikura
Major General, Joint Staff                 
Japan Self-Defense Forces

Selçuk Ünal                 
Ambassador of Turkey to Canada                 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey

Tomáš Valášek
Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovak Republic

Peter Van Praagh                 
Halifax International Security Forum

Jonathan Vance                 
Chief of the Defence Staff                 
Canadian Armed Forces

Róbert Vass                 
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer                 
Central European Strategy Council

Gordon Venner
Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy                 
Department of National Defence, Canada

Tom Venner
Assistant Director, Policy & Strategic Partnerships                 
Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Nirmal Verma                 
Chief of Naval Operations Distinguished International Fellow       
United States Naval War College

Luis Carlos Villegas Echeverri
Minister of Defense                 
Ministry of Defense, Colombia

Kurt Volker
Executive Director                 
The McCain Institute for International Leadership

Caroline Wadhams                 
Senior Advisor, Office of the Special Envoy for the Great Lakes of the Africa                 
United States Department of State

Bruce Weinrod
Senior Counsel                 
Global Impact

Jonathan Weisstub                 
Founding Partner, Common Wealth
Chairman of the Board, Halifax International Security Forum
Senior Resident, Massey College, University of Toronto

Teresa Welsh                 
Foreign Affairs Reporter                 
US News and World Report

Alexis Wichowski
Director of Research and Communication                 
Harmony Institute

Taylor Wilson
Nuclear Physicist
University of Nevada, Reno

Peter Wittig                 
Ambassador of Germany to the United States                 
Federal Foreign Office, Germany

Werner Wnendt                 
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Canada           
Federal Foreign Office, Germany

Robert Work
Deputy Secretary of Defense
United States Department of Defense

Peter Wright                 
Development Officer, Aerospace and Defence                 
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Paul Wynnyk                 
Commander, Canadian Forces Intelligence Command                 
Chief of Defence Intelligence

Arbana Xharra                 

Amos Yadlin                 
Institute for National Security Studies

Amira Yahyaoui                 
Founder and Executive Director                 
Center 247

Murat Yetkın                 
Hurriyet Daily News

Chris Yonke
International Options & Trade

Richard Young
President and CEO
Teranga Gold Corporation

Martin Zablocki                 
President and Chief Executive Officer                 
Canadian Commercial Corporation

Dov Zakheim                 
Senior Advisor, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Senior Fellow, CNA

Lamberto Zannier
Secretary General
Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe

Press Releases

Canada Unveils New Defence Policy

WASHINGTON, DC – Canadian Minister of National Defence Harjit S. Sajjan released Canada’s new defence policy yesterday, entitled Strong, Secure, Engaged. This policy announcement is the…

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