Ukraine Victory Fund

The Ukrainian government has reached out to HFX for help. Now, we need yours.

HFX is raising $10 million for Ukraine to purchase its own Dedicated Satellite Constellation (DSC) with multiple high-resolution satellites registered under the Ukrainian flag.

This strategic game changer will allow Ukraine to track everything from the movement of Russian soldiers to identifying escape routes for millions of refugees.

To donate please consider the following:

  • For donations of $10,000 or less please use the donation form below to donate directly.
  • For donations of more than $10,000, please contact Laura Bridge: or by calling +1 (202) 812-9015.

Once our goal is reached, your name will be included on our website in an honorable mention for your generous support. (If you prefer anonymity, we will, of course, respect that wish.)



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Please note that the Halifax International Security Forum is a US-based 501(c)3 and your donation will be made in United States Dollars.