Topical Agenda

Plenary Sessions

  • Democracy vs. Ourselves: Divided We Fall
  • Democracy vs. China: The Greatest Game
  • Economic Depression: Democracies’ Recession
  • Clubs Med: The Scramble For Middle Earth
  • Space Contested
  • Go Canada! Middle Powers Show The Way
  • 75 Years On: Re-Making The Democracy World Order
  • After 2020: The World With America


Informal Sessions

  • Africa Matters
  • Afghanistan’s Final Piece
  • Climate: Changed
  • From Moscow to Minsk: Putin’s Poison
  • Himalayan Heat: Sino-Indian Friction
  • Israel’s New Friends
  • London Outs, Brussel Pouts
  • Maduro’s Venezuela: A Rouge’s Gallery
  • Post-Pandemic Precipice
  • Racial Justice: When?
  • Steal IP: Get Rich Quick
  • Tide Power: Bay of Fundy’s Electric Waves
  • Tic Toc, Tick Tock: Globalization Times Out
  • Worthless Advice: The End Of Experts