Season 2


HFX’s podcast on world affairs: longtime friends Pete and Steve try to make sense of the world.

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1: Veterans Day

Steve doesn’t remember Remembrance Day; Pete reminds him.

2: Riddle

Steve doesn’t get it. Do you?

3: Garrison, Dustin, Al…

A few good men?

4: The War On Christmas

Trump makes Santa’s nice list.

5: The Weather

A heated conversation about climate change.

6: Election

Pete worries his son’s middle school election is rigged.

7: Oprah

What’s not to love?

8: …Harvey, Bill…

Et tu, Billé?

9: National Prayer Breakfast

Pray for Arnold.

10: Trudeau

Humankind’s best friend.

11: O Canada

In all thy sons command.

12: Hail to the Chief

Americans love their presidents.

13: Parkland - Pt. 1

Seventeen dead.

14: Parkland - Pt. 2

Too hard to talk about.

15: Killer Shark

Trump’s basic instincts.

16: Finished

Tired of Trump.