Season 1

Longtime friends Pete and Steve try to make sense of the world.

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1: McCain

“I got him!” Pete scores an interview with the Senator from Arizona.

2: Hollywood

“If something goes wrong, people just burst into song.” A conversation about Jews, Hollywood, and Pete’s mother-in-law.

3: Racists

“Are people inherently racist?”

4: Passover

Steve admits he doesn’t like Passover. Pete admits he’s never seen Shawshank Redemption.

5: Pickles

Pete and Steve chat about refugees and pickles.

6: Rockets

“None of these truths are exactly true.”

7: Poetry

“I’m not really sure what the scope of your podcast is.” Pete and Steve call the Library of Congress.

8: Fake

“Enough with the chicken!”

9: News

“The thing is: there are a lot of bad journalists.” An interview with a Washington Post columnist.

10: Marriage

“Ping pong after dinner.” Pete and Steve talk marriage.

11: Soup

Pete and Steve discuss nationalism, minestrone and more.

12: Pigs

“It was a huge shock to the community.” A conversation about globalism and pigs.

13: Barbara

“Perfect love and trust casts out fear.” Pete and Steve call a random American.

14: Graffiti

“Is it that bad?” Steve shares his marriage proposal idea with Pete.

15: Walls

War, death and rock-n-roll.

16: Civilization

Pete and Steve on Saudi Arabia and civilization.

17: Soldiers

“This conversation is making me uneasy.” Pete and Steve talk about ISIS recruits and other soldiers.

18: Discipline

Pete disciplines his son.

19: Syria

Pete and Steve call a journalist to talk about America’s role in Syria.

20: Mississippi

Pete’s son phones American libraries to ask: “What is the most important issue in the world today?”

21: Podcast

Pete has a name for the podcast.

Season 1 Speakers

Pete and Steve


Senior Advisor, Halifax International Security Forum

Robin Shepherd

Member, Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group

Jeanne Meserve


Senator for Arizona, United States Senate

John McCain

President and CEO, HIAS

Mark Hetfield

Iraqi refugee, Owner of Hummus and Tabbouleh Restaurant in Utica, New York

Ali Al-Hashimi

Director of Innovation, International Center for Journalists

Oren Levine

Columnist, The Washington Post, Political Analyst, CNN

Josh Rogin

Deputy Director and Head of Research, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

Roland Freudenstein

Editor, The Smithfield Times

John Edwards

Associate Professor of Assyriology, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University

Paul Delnero

Cultural Heritage Preservation Officer, Office of the Acting Provost/Undersecretary for Museums and Research, Smithsonian Institution

Corine Wegener

Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy

Jonathan Tepperman