2015 Plenary 3
: Breaking Tradition:  Modern Muslims Advance

“Breaking Tradition: Modern Muslims Advance” tackled the image problem placed on Muslims around the globe as a result of the troubling views of some, and the high-profile radical acts of a small few. Panelists also debated what makes ISIS a different kind of modern threat when compared to other radical Islamic organizations that have emerged, such as Al-Qaeda. The ideas generated by the panel included the scope of ISIS’s reach, its self-sustaining revenue mechanisms, its ability to shift tactics rapidly in the face of Western opposition, and the sheer strength of the dangerous ideology they promote. The conversation moved on to the question of how well-equipped Arab nations are to address the threat of radical Islam in the long term. Panelists discussed the need for modern Muslims who reject that ideology – including Muslim women and black Muslims – to have a leadership role in that strategy.