2017 Plenary 8: Climate Change: Houston, We Have a Solution

The world’s weather is changing. Destructive storms, including Katrina and Harvey have resulted in the loss of infrastructure, economic productivity and human lives. However, there is considerable debate, in the U.S. especially, as to whether climate change is to blame – or whether climate change exists at all. With the American withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord will the world be able to effectively address this issue? According to the panelists, yes. While some states are ambivalent, others have recognized this global challenge and are stepping up. Panelists acknowledged that as a result of technological advances, renewable energy is increasingly accessible and affordable. But they also noted that the fight to address climate change points to a bigger issue: the fight for fact-based, science-based decision making and multilateralism. If a town in oil-rich Texas led by a conservative Republican mayor can switch to 100% renewable energy, the climate change fight isn’t over yet.