Forum Founders

Ten years ago, a group of people shared a vision that the world needed a modern venue to reinvigorate strategic cooperation among democracies.

Halifax International Security Forum recognizes individuals without whom this event would not have become the international gathering of democracies that it is today.

Halifax Forum Founders

  • Laura Bridge
  • Tom Clark
  • Dan Dugas
  • Dean Fealk
  • Marian Fernet
  • Renée Filiatrault
  • Joseph Hall
  • David Kramer
  • John MacDonell
  • George MacPhee
  • Duane Monea
  • Jeff Mullen
  • Paul Owens
  • Jay Paxton
  • Robin Shepherd
  • Jill Sinclair
  • Janice Gross Stein
  • Jonathan Tepperman
  • Jonathan Weisstub