About Us

Our Mission

Halifax International Security Forum (HFX) is dedicated to strengthening strategic cooperation among democratic nations.

HFX is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC.

What We Do

Our flagship Halifax International Security Forum is widely recognized as the world’s foremost security conference for democracies.  The annual Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia attracts an array of top decision-makers, including senior military officers, cabinet-level officials, members of the US Senate, and global industry leaders, along with leading journalists, strategists, and champions for human rights from around the globe.

HFX also convenes high-level meetings in Washington, London, and elsewhere, as well as produces public policy recommendations and strategic advice on the major geopolitical challenges of the day and for the years to come.

Media Partners

HFX’s media partners include Foreign Affairs Magazine and POLITICO.

Our History

With the generous support of the Canadian government, Halifax International Security Forum was founded in 2009 as part of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.  HFX became an independent organization in 2011.  Today it includes private individuals, businesses, and donor organizations as supporters.  The HFX network extends from North America, through Europe, Eurasia, South and East Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  The founding and current president of Halifax International Security Forum is Peter Van Praagh.