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Halifax International Security Forum Announces Dates of the 2014 Forum

WASHINGTON, DC – The 2014 Halifax International Security Forum will take place November 21-23 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Now in its sixth year, the annual Forum features democratic leaders and thinkers who gather to address the most pressing international security challenges.

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Friday, November 18

What’s Changed Since 9/11?

Night Owls

Saturday, November 19

Spring Forward, Fall Back: Revolutions and their Remains

问题是经济,笨蛋 (It’s the Economy, Dumb Eggs)

The United States in 2012: Super Power, Super Enabler or Stay at Home Parent?

Halifax Chat with Ehud Barak

But, Can We Afford It? Smart Security in the Age of Less

Sunday, November 20

Sunday Breakfast Sessions

5K Run with Minister of Defence Peter MacKay

It’s That Time: Sharing Global Responsibility

Closing Remarks