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2010 Halifax Papers

Halifax Forum 2010 Papers

   Peter MacKay

The Consequences for NATO of a Nuclear-Armed Iran
   Bruno Tertrais

Rejecting “The End of the West”: A New Narrative for Transatlantic Relations
   Mircea Dan Geoană

Foreign Policy and Civil Society Or Why the 21 st Century Will Be Another American Century
   Peter Van Praagh

Israel: Power, Vulnerability, Perception, and the Quest for Peace
   Shlomo Avineri

Will Rising India Join the West?
   C Raja Mohan

In the Wake of Creative Destruction: A New World Order?
   Janice Gross Stein

  1. Congratulations to speaker @JY_LeDrian on his appointment as Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs

  2. Syrian government denies U.S. accusation of crematorium at prison

  3. Iraq says 90 percent of west Mosul recaptured from 'Islamic State'